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Robert Green

Name: Robert Green
Course: BA(Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy Studies

UCLan student leads campaign to help fund disabled people through postgraduate study

Robert Green is leading a campaign to help fund disabled people through postgraduate study. The part-time counselling and psychotherapy student has set up the Financial Resources for Independent Educational Needs of Disabled Students (FRIENDS) charity to fund postgraduate education for disabled students who achieve a first class honours in their undergraduate studies.

The 38-year-old is himself disabled and suffers from a degenerative condition called ankylosing spondylitis. Robert said that funding cuts have affected the number of scholarships available to disabled students for further study, which makes it difficult to continue in education.

“To prevent a person from achieving their full potential because they are disabled means that they are unable to lead a fulfilling life and society misses out on their talent,” he said.

The funding will enable disabled individuals to attain their full academic potential by empowering them with an education that will allow them to give back to the society which supports them in a positive and forward thinking way. This, in turn, will reduce the burden on public finances in conjunction with utilising a valuable human resource.

Robert is hoping to team up with local businesses in the venture, which in turn will benefit from the skills of the scholarship recipients.

Robert, who wants to one day work as a counsellor, added: “I’ve had a really positive response so far and received a lot of support. My long term goal is to run the charity on a national level.”