Rob Evans

Paramedic Practice, DipHE 2014

Rob was drawn to UCLan because he knew it was aware of the University's strong track record of paramedic education and its current delivery of paramedic practice courses. In addition, he adds that UCLan "had very good links with the local ambulance service offering a good degree of varied clinical placements."

It was not just the course itself which made UCLan an attractive option; outside of work Rob enjoys various outdoor pursuits and it is Preston's close proximity with scenic areas such as the Lake District which also provided him a reason to study at UCLan.

Reflecting on his UCLan experience Rob says: "The lasting memories I have at UCLan are the friends I made on the course. When you are training you develop good friendships - friendships which I still have now. It was also very exciting driving your first ambulance to an emergency call.

"The most interesting part of my career is the variety you get in the job as a paramedic - you never really know what you'll be dealing with when you sign on for work in a morning. The unpredictability is very exciting and certainly very interesting.

"My course at UCLan was very focused on register and qualify you as a paramedic once you graduated- essentially helping me into the position I am in now."