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Professor Richard Sharpley

Richard Sharpley

Professor Richard Sharpley is the Professor of Tourism and Development in the School of Sport, Tourism and the Outdoors at UCLan. His roles include teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level, supervising a number of PhD students, and contributing to the development of research of tourism within the School.

Since joining UCLan, Professor Sharpley has added to his research repertoire, specialising in areas such as tourism and sustainable development and dark tourism. He has published numerous research papers and book titles, including ‘Tourism and Development in the Developing World’ and ‘The Darker Side of Travel: The Theory and Practice of Dark Tourism’.

Professor Sharpley says; “One of the joys of working at UCLan is that it allows you to develop yourself. I have been able to develop my career at UCLan, whilst also being able to work on my own research projects. There has been a good balance between the two, and UCLan has supported me with this. I continually develop my own research in specialist areas of tourism, whilst also contributing to the development of research within the School. I enjoy my job greatly.

“UCLan is a very welcoming, friendly and supportive environment to work in. Despite the problems the sector is facing, you still feel secure here.

“UCLan very much has a two-way relationship with its employees; it is the kind of place where if you know how you want to develop your career, relevant people at UCLan will try their upmost best to help you achieve this. UCLan ultimately provides you with the opportunity of enhancing yourself.

“Working at UCLan, you feel like part of a very large family. I am very much proud to say that I work for UCLan”