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Final year project based on zombies

Rhys Morgan

Third year BSc(Hons) Mathematics student, Rhys Morgan, utilised his creativity to model his final year project on one of the most popular horror genres in film.

Rhys used the class of SIR equations that have been used to model the spread of infectious diseases, such as AIDS and Ebola, to investigate a hypothetical zombie epidemic. The basic model uses a set of differential equations to represent a population containing susceptible human, infected zombies and removed (deceased) individuals.

His project took the basic idea of an SIR model and expanded it based on the ideas and assumptions we make about zombies from popular cinema and also how he believed survivors would learn to adapt to a zombie infested world.

As unlikely as a zombie invasion may be, Rhys combined his enthusiasm for horror films with the mathematical skills he acquired at UCLan, to help him experiment in modelling some real world scenario’s.

Rhys’ project contained mathematical biology, an aspect of maths he has found extremely enjoyable since he was introduced to it. The project gave Rhys the opportunity to creatively implement these skills to practical situations, which he hopes to make use of in his future career.