Rebecca Zilpha Broughton

BA (Hons) Fine Art and MA Fine Art Site and Archive Interventions

Rebecca came to UCLan to study fine art and she enjoyed it so much she continued to study and went on to achieve a master's in fine art and archive interventions. Her original decision to study this subject was motivated by the fact that she had always been interested in all types of art, and had previously studied a number of creative subjects.


After graduation, Rebecca worked in the local community where she joined a voluntary organisation. She also worked for Congleton Community Projects, where she helped to run creative workshops in schools and the community. Rebecca has been featured in a number of newspaper articles for the events she has been involved with and the community work she has taken part in.

Despite graduating in fine art, Rebecca is now a customer excellence supervisor for TyresOnTheDrive where she helps to train call centre staff as well as supporting with quality control in customer services.

Rebecca Zilpha

Although this isn’t necessarily the career that Rebecca trained for, she says that she wouldn’t be where she is now if it wasn’t for the skills she learnt at UCLan. She said: “The courses I studied involved a lot of self-motivation. This has really helped me progress at TyresOnTheDrive as I need to help motivate a team of people and also have to manage my own schedule.”

When asked to give advice to people thinking of taking up study at UCLan, Rebecca explained: “Enjoy every moment of it and really take advantage of the resources available at UCLan, the life and academic skills you learn will help mould you for the rest of your career no matter what industry you go into.”

When asked if her experiences at UCLan has affected her career or life in general, Rebecca stated: “Definitely, even though it is a different area of work I would not have got the positions without all my experiences from UCLan, my studies taught me self-motivation, working with people and managing groups of people all of which I have to use on a daily basis."