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Testimonials from Religion, Culture and Society BA (Hons) graduates.


Rosie Delbridge

My name is Rosemary Delbridge and I am a Religion, Culture and Society graduate with a first-class degree. I am now working as a Teacher of Religious Education at St Gabriel’s Roman Catholic High School, Bury.

The Religion Culture and Society course at UCLan is an outstanding course in so many ways, and has stood me in excellent stead for my career as an R.E teacher. The content which is studied is varied, insightful and interesting. It allowed me to explore religion and its place within society to a level I never expected. It also allowed me to discover where my own interests within the subject lie, and to explore them in more depth. The course is unique in that it really allows you to put your own stamp on what you are studying. I even got the chance to write my dissertation on Cults and New Religious Movements - an area that is of particular interest to me.

That said; the course would be nothing if not for the fantastic lecturers who teach it and the incredible support they give to each individual person. They believe in you even at times when you may not believe in yourself. I know that personally, I could not have achieved my first-class honours without their incredible support and belief.

In this way the RCS cohort really are like a family, and during my time with them, I have made some friends for life. The trips and excursions available on the RCS course are fantastic and really allow you to get to know one another better.

Overall, I can honestly say that deciding to embark on the RCS course at UCLan is one of the best decisions I have made. The course will excite you, challenge you and in many ways, change you for the better.

Chloe Knowles

Chloe Knowels


Hello! My name is Chloe Knowles and I did an undergraduate degree in RCS, and went on to do my master's in RCS.

RCS opened new branches of thinking for me, as well as opening many different moral standpoints for me. During my time at university - the RCS team were truly spectacular. Be it for a friendly catch up over coffee in Carolyn's office, discussing morality with Frank, diving into historical aspects of cultures with Mahmood or learning so much modern religious aspects with Carl. Let's not even get started on the beautiful trips we used to take (our Spiritual retreat in Wales will always be in my heart!). The whole team dedicate themselves to all students they come across in all realms of life - which made studying with them a true joy, as you can tell they are genuinely supportive of your growth as a person. 

After completing my MA in RCS I had to find something just as spectacular. What could you do after having such an amazing course? I decided to apply for a teaching job in Japan, mostly focused on teaching English as a language, but some of my adult classes enjoy discussing religion, culture and society. I have loved every moment of this job and the stunning beauty of Japan!

This course opens your mind, your goals, your passions and helps you find your identity. There are 26 letters in the alphabet, which create millions of different words, that I could piece together in trillions of different ways - but not a single way could describe how much I loved my time at UCLan, with the team, studying RCS. 

Chloe Knowels

Edd Graham-Hyde

Edd Graham-Hyde


Having studied Religion, Culture and Society at undergraduate level, I gained the foundational knowledge that I believe to be important for understanding society holistically. Equally, this course gave me a thirst to understand more about why people engage with different systems of belief and propelled me into studying a master's in RCS to develop my knowledge further.

I was supported so well by the Religion, Culture and Society team whilst I was undertaking both the undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes. They helped me develop skills in research, critical analysis and academic writing. Equally, they also were extremely social and fun to be around which made the atmosphere, both in the lecture theatre and outside of it, positive ensuring openness from all students in discussion.

My relationship with the team was a primary factor in deciding to also embark on the journey of a PhD with them. It felt like a natural progression and Carolyn in particular was very keen to develop my academic portfolio past that of the master's, which gave me the confidence to go for it.

Outside of this, the course gave me a strong passion for ensuring that Religious Education was taught in schools; largely due to the importance of religion in society which was realised through my study. I was encouraged to also do a PGCE and go into teaching part-time alongside my PhD. I am currently teaching at Runshaw College as part of the Religious Studies team, and enjoying my work tremendously!

I would recommend studying at any level with the Religion, Culture and Society team. The academics teaching on the courses are well established in their fields, which means they are fountains of knowledge, but also inspire passion for the subject which will keep you going during the natural crunch points of student life. You will develop as an individual as well as gain some very valuable friends and you will never feel that you are not being intellectually challenged enough.

 Education has literally changed my life and I would attribute the majority of that to this course.

Edd Graham-Hyde

Abbie Bartlett

Abbie Bartlett


I am a graduate of Religion, Culture and Society, my course was amazing! The diversity of the course and the fantastic teaching team really inspired me. RCS allowed me to think and logically question religious beliefs, cultural trends and the society in which we live in. The course was incredibly diverse and I gained a unique skill set of knowledge that made me stand out to employers. I am now a Religious Studies teacher at Nelson and Colne College.

Hannah Hayes

Hannah Hayes

I am a graduate of the UCLan BA (Hons) Religion, Culture and Society Course, and honestly, deciding to do the course was one of the best decisions I have ever made. RCS is a fantastic course; it is enjoyable, unique and challenging. No two lectures are ever the same, with a vast amount of topical issues being explored in such depth – the course is amazing. The tutors are tremendous and so is the level of support they give every student! The RCS team could not be more helpful, they helped me achieve the highest of grades and challenged me in the best ways. They were always on hand to help me and have the most in-depth knowledge- making debates and lectures so much more fun!

I am now working as a prison officer, transferring all of my skill, knowledge and more into a great graduate role. I enjoy my work very much, it’s a dream come true. I have not, however, finished with RCS – I loved it so much that I'm going back to study the MA part-time next year and I can't wait to get involved.

My advice to anyone interested in the ‘big questions’, join RCS, you won't be disappointed!

Rafia Patel

Rafia Patel

Hi, my name is Rafia and I am an RCS graduate of 2016. I thoroughly enjoyed my course, it was unique and different and my mentor Carolyn and her colleagues were fantastic! Extremely supportive! I went on to complete my PGCE (Post 14) and recently graduated as a Religious Studies FE Lecturer.

The RCS course was a fabulous start to my career journey and the way it was delivered lived up to my expectations as a Religious Studies enthusiast.

Stevie Walmsley

Stevie Walmsley

I always had a passion for Religious Studies and the impact that religion has on all of us as individuals and society.  The RCS course offered chances to explore religions in depth, with opportunities to travel and visit many different religious institutions and places of worship. I truly loved the course, graduating with a high 2.1

My favourite memory of UCLan is a trip to Pantasaph, Holywell in Wales with Carolyn and Frank and the rest of my classmates. It was a very spiritual trip towards the end of my degree which I will never forget.  We enjoyed late evening walks, took part in meditation sessions and group reflection.  The Capuchin Brother at Pantasaph helped me to begin my healing process after sadly losing my beloved Nan during my last semester of my degree.  This is a special memory that I will honestly hold dear forever.

I now work for French Connection as an assistant manager in Selfridges at the Trafford Centre.  My work is very fast-paced and exciting with a luxury department store.  I manage a team of 8 employees, undertaking roles of human relations, stock management and customer service.

Seon Ul-haq

Seon Ul-haq

I chose to study Religion, Culture and Society because it incorporated aspects of theology, philosophy and sociology. This meant that topics could be addressed using various approaches and theories. This made the course feel tailored towards what interested me. I feel this allowed individuals like me, to develop on different subject areas that would later provide subject knowledge for the career path I desired.

The course is completely coursework based, however varied enough in its assignments to feel stimulating and non-repetitive. This was accomplished with assessments being based on essays, literature reviews, class discussions, presentations and even by attending university trips! I feel this develops a broad set of skills which appear to be appreciated in the working environment.

After my RCS studies, I went onto doing a Masters in Psychology. Interestingly, some of the topics discussed in RCS have proven useful in developing ideas for imperial research within my further studies. This shows that the subject knowledge developed from RCS has the potential to integrate with science based subjects.  By merging aspects of RCS with psychology, it has allowed me to touch upon modern subject areas that are new and currently being researched in the academic world.

On a concluding note, I am grateful to have been taught by the lecturers at RCS who also have varying degrees of subject knowledge and expertise. Their support and understanding of the student life has meant my studies at RCS has been exciting and memorable.

Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth Jones

I chose to come to UCLan because of the content of the RCS course, I looked around at lots of different universities when I was in college and UCLan just felt like the perfect one for me. Starting University was quite a scary concept, not knowing anyone or where I was but I could not have had a warmer welcome from both the course leaders and my course friends. My class was quite small and this meant that over the years I felt like we developed into a small family. The support from my lecturers within my final year was fantastic. My dissertation tutor met with me fortnightly and my course leader was always on hand for any issues or queries I had. At the end of my time at UCLan me, my course leader and some of my course friends went on a Catholic retreat to Pantasaph and it was the perfect way to end an enjoyable three years. It was educational, relaxing and fun.

Since leaving UCLan I have completed my teacher training year and have just begun my NQT year with my first teaching job at Christ the King Catholic High School and Sixth Form Centre. I got lots of support with interviews and statements from the university when applying for my training year. I am proud of myself now that I am finally in the job I have always wanted and I am not sure I would have got here, had I been at a different university. The quality of teaching at UCLan encouraged me even more to pursue a career within teaching and the modules we studied made my love for the subject flourish. I have kept in contact with the friends I made over these three years and I believe we will be friends for life.


Nasima Dalal

Being beyond the typical age that most people go to university, and after much deliberation, I finally decided to take the plunge. Although there were a few universities I could have applied to study religion at, my first choice was UCLan. Having read extensively on the RCS course, attended the subject Open Days, speaking to and hearing the RCS lecturers speak, convinced me that UCLan’s RCS course was the one for me. I haven’t regretted that decision since.

The RCS course has many modules to choose from, with each module covering various topics, cultures and views. With so much variety, there is bound to be something (if not everything) that will capture the interest of every individual, with further scope to follow your own personal interests.

Every lecture, without fail, would result in some amazing discussions; all of which were impossible not to engage with or get animated about – the lecturer encouraging us and often giving us even more to query and consider.

The skills acquired from the lectures, the discussions, the debates and the course overall have developed deep critical, analytical and lateral thinking skills, not to mention confident and objective communication skills; skills that are transferable and invaluable in any field of work.

The support from the RCS team cannot be stressed enough, both academically, personally and professionally too. The team don’t just support their students for the short term, but for the long term, developing skills and potential within each of their students helping them achieve amazing possibilities. I can honestly say this with absolute sincerity because when I began studying at UCLan, it had been 12 years since I was last a student. Yet despite this, in my 2nd year at UCLan, my RCS essay got published under the tutelage and guidance of Dr Carolyn King, and I achieved a first class honours degree. Amazing given I didn’t even have any A Levels.

Because of the RCS team and degree course, I can say with absolute confidence that I have acquired deep and broad knowledge of various religions, cultures, histories, and views (both religious and non-religious). The RCS course is very cross-curricular, examining history, politics and education to name a few, under the branch of religion, making the RCS course very relevant and diverse. As a result, it has made me want to inspire others hence, since graduating from the RCS course, I chose to become a Religious Studies teacher and completed my PGCE and now teaching full time and loving it.

RCS has a progression route onto the Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) course at Edge Hill. This allows successful graduates an opportunity to apply for and secure a position on this very competitive programme. With the support of the RCS teaching staff I secured a place on the PGCE programme and successfully completed this then returned to study the MA in RCS – now I am teaching in a primary school and love every minute of it !


Fazila Yusuf

Throughout my three years of RCS I enjoyed every lecture I attended. My interpersonal and communication skills developed considerably over this time - they were certainly put to the test throughout the course. I learned something every time I attended a lecture, which has helped me gain an exceptional amount of knowledge and understanding about religion, culture, community, diversity, and also the impact and influences that political, social and economic constructs play. This experience will remain with me forever.

The course is also very diverse in terms of the modules available. For example, it allowed me to choose the modules I am interested in and wanted to study. The people within the course are from many different faiths and backgrounds, this allowed to me to gain a better understanding and respect of different religions, faiths and belief systems. Having gained so much from the RCS course, I wanted to continue with my studies and decided to move into teaching.