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Ramziddin Mansurov

Summer school student

Aspiring author Ramziddin Mansurov says that attending the Language Academy summer school in 2014 has made him more determined to be an accomplished writer.

The 22 year-old from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, wrote his first book titled ‘Book of Heroes’ early last year and wanted to come to the UK to get some feedback.

“I wrote a book in English last year and I wanted to show it to a native speaker and get some reviews on it,” explained Ramziddin.

“In the spring of 2014, I saw an essay contest organised by the British Council and the University of Central Lancashire on Facebook saying that one lucky winner would get the chance to study at the Language Academy in the summer for two weeks. I took my chance and won. Therefore I had the chance to visit the Language Academy and show my book.”

The combination of learning both inside and outside of the classroom is one of the summer school’s strengths according to Ramziddin, and was something he found helped to improve his English.

“The Language Academy helped me with their new way of teaching in that they combine theoretical teaching with a practical background. For example, a study of the environment using English words was followed with a visit to a recycling centre. That was something new for me,” he said.



Trips outside the classroom included visiting Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the Lake District, but it was a day out to the historical city of York which intrigued him the most.

“The visit to York was fascinating. I mean, I have never been to any historical places at all, even in my home country, so it was a new experience.

“I got the chance to see York Minster and walk around there. I was even able to visit the Train Museum in York. That was awesome.”

The dedication of the teachers at the school is another thing Ramziddin points out as being key to enhancing the summer school experience.

“I had awesome teachers there. They are really interested in teaching. Their dedication and attention to every student fascinated me. It’s only thanks to them that I had such a magnificent summer.”

Ramziddin is now back in Uzbekistan and is currently working on a new Science-Fiction novel. He’s hoping to get his lucky publishing break in the near future and is dreaming big.

“By writing, I hope to improve this world. Big words I know, but if possible I wish to become a writer that could change this world for the better, even if it’s just a slight bit.”