Rahila Patel

Student Stories - Undergraduate LSBE Student

"When I began, I thought the course would consist of only the main streams of financial and management accounting and be solely number/calculation based. However, the course offers a much bigger variety, although it builds on those main streams from first year through to third year, there are a number of alternative modules which widen my horizons, including but not limited to Law, Audit, Taxation and Corporate Finance."

I was also very surprised by the inclusion of ‘professional skills’ as part of the course which is a module solely preparing us for real life practical employability skills. The course also provides a number of great opportunities to learn real world Accounting software’s; achieving certifications in Excel, SAGE 50 Accounts and SAP – all of which are used in a number of global organisations. Increasingly, there are also regular opportunities to get involved in sessions to gain skills and experience for our CV’s and broadening our knowledge meeting with industry professionals. The course also provides for a heavily subsidised trip abroad to Cyprus or China scheduled around studies.

The most exciting part of belonging to the Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise, is being put directly in contact with industry professionals who have real life experience from prestigious firms and experience teaching us. This means that we are taught by those who are highly qualified in what they do and also those who can draw into real life scenarios. Their methods of teaching ensures that the information sticks with us. 

Rahila Patel

The Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise is very inclusive and often has many collaborative events for all those who are a part of the School, which creates a strong sense of belonging. UCLan also has a huge number of prominent contacts of whom are often invited to the University to provide us with direct networking opportunities and links, such as meetings arranged with RSM and conferences with ICAEW in relation to new legislations and current topics like the Making Tax Digital conference which I attended. An opportunity I was directly involved in was The Lion Heart Challenge which involved curating a fresh new business idea with a team at random whereby I won an award for producing the best financial plan awarded by the president of CIMA whom was one member of a very prestigious panel was.

My experience has been different from what I expected as it is much bigger than imagined. There is an opportunity to meet a range of not only students, but highly commendable professionals. I expected a very formal ‘business’ approach but very quickly realised how flexible and relaxed the environment actually is.

I have received consistent support from the members of the team throughout my time at UCLan, especially when I was very unwell during my second year due to extenuating circumstances. I was provided with the appropriate extensions and support I required from a number of module tutors who were all made aware of my situation. I have built some very good relationships with lecturers as the course is delivered in lectures and small seminar group splits, which means they learn to know you better on a more one-to-one basis and provide you the attention for guidance you need. The team are also very active in receiving feedback from us and making appropriate adjustments to their teaching style to best suit us. I also received support from the Student Union, providing me confidential advice independent from the University itself. This support was essential in receiving the exemplary grades I have received so far with the hopes of graduating with even better.

My career plans with the support of the University have been very easily pulled together. I am confident that I love what I do being in accounting and finance. I would like to progress further within the accounting sector, with hopes of completing my professional chartered exams and working for a long standing firm. Whilst completing the professional skills module in my second year, the emphasis on work experience motivated me to take on work experience throughout my studies which has put me in a position to graduate with one year’s work experience at a long standing firm - putting me in a very employable position. I will go onto work for a firm and aspire to become fully chartered. I may possibly also complete my master’s in Accounting at UCLan so I am able to graduate as ACCA exam complete.

I would advise someone coming to UCLan to take advantage of all the opportunities set out in front of you and get take on any guidance lecturers provide as it will all come together to prepare you for life after graduation. I would also highly recommend taking on work experience alongside, or for a number of weeks, during your studies and take advantage of the Careers service to guide you through securing such and future positions."

22 October 2019