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Priyanka Palit

MSc International Applied Communication

"I am a UCLan communications graduate. I have been fortunate that my work was picked up by a leading UK student PR magazine and has since been featured with an article on PR ethics. After I completed an MSc in International Applied Communication at UCLan and the editor read my dissertation on 'Astroturfing' I was invited to write a story for 'Behind The Spin' (a magazine aimed at Public Relations students and PR young practitioners). Astroturfing is known as a synthetic grassroots movement created by public relations companies in return for large sums of money. I decided to focus my dissertation on this topic after I found an article discussing the darker side of political public relations strategists.

The offer to write an article for a magazine sponsored by a prestigious body like the CIPR (Chartered Institute for Public Relations) made me feel very privileged. I hope my work will make a small but significant contribution to International Applied Communications by applying theories from scholars all around the world to draw attention to a contemporary issue that has been largely responsible for maligning the discipline of public relations as one of spin and propaganda.

I came to UCLan because I was drawn to the Applied Communications course because it was the only University which offered two semesters in two different countries; the Netherlands and the UK."