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PhD student scoops top prize for research paper

A PhD student from the Lancashire Business School (LBS) has received a prize for a research paper at the EURO Working Group on Decision Support Systems (EWG-DSS) award workshop 2012.

Gwendolin Geier presented a paper entitled “The Benefits of Enterprise Systems for SMEs”, a joint work with Yahaya Yusuf, Marion Schulze and Ahmed Musa that was selected as an award-winning piece of research.

Gwendolin said: “My submitted paper was a summary of the literature review I’ve conducted about my research, with the main focus on benefits and critical success factors relevant for enterprise systems and its individual components: enterprise resource planning, SCM, CRM and supplier relationship management.”

She added: “I was very surprised, excited and honoured to have won the award. I would have never expected that, but now I’m more confident concerning the work I produced and the way I presented it. I’d like to thank Marion Schulze, Yahaya Yusuf and Ahmed Musa for their support.”

The “EWG-DSS-Award” was launched in 2011 as a motivating research initiative for young researchers to submit and present their work in one of the EWG-DSS annual organised workshops and conference streams.

LBS senior lecturer Marion Schulze commented: “I’d like to congratulate Gwendolin for an outstanding conference presentation which was not only recognised by international researchers but also managed to scoop the top prize. This is a tremendous achievement not only for Gwendolin but for the Business School as well.”