Peter Michael Green

Master of Business Administration - MBA (part-time) 2006

Having worked in various management roles for over 10 years, Peter realised that his career had hit a plateau, especially without a recognised qualification. He said: “After considering my various options I decided on the MBA as I did not want to do one qualification and then find myself having to do another a few years down the line.”

Describing the MBA, Peter explains: “The volume and quality of information I received, and the opportunity to work alongside such a diverse range of other managers from all manner of backgrounds, changed my perspective on management totally and opened my eyes to the real world around me.”

As the organisation which Peter had worked for had part-funded the course, he stayed in the post he held whilst studying for a further three years in order to give something back.

There was still, however, a lack of opportunity for Peter to progress further in his job and so he started looking for a more senior opportunity in a different organisation. Peter commented: “I think the MBA taught me that I needed to find myself a position which reflected my own values and beliefs and would allow me to manage my way, rather than simply moving for the sake of advancement.”

Peter Michael Green

Peter is the now the Project Director at Integrate (Preston & Chorley) Ltd, a local charity that works with individuals who have learning disabilities and/or mental health problems or other disabilities. They provide support services to over 170 individuals and also run six Social Enterprises which provide training and employment skills for the same groups.

During his time at Integrate, Peter has won a host of awards including; the Enterprise in Society Award, Large Social Enterprise 2012 Winner, Most Effective Partnership 2013 and the Environmental Champion 2014, to name a few.

Peter believes his proudest achievement to date is “to have developed and delivered a new type of service for people with learning disabilities that is totally innovative and a one of a kind.”

He adds: “Following the degree, I noticed a very definite change in the way I felt about work. I am far less stressed than previously, more confident and most importantly, have got my work/life balance much better.”

Peter’s final advice to graduates considering further study is: “If you’re thinking about study, you’re more than halfway there already. Don't hesitate it will make you a far better manager.”