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Paul Rothery

Summer School Staff

English teacher Paul Rothery worked at the Language Academy summer school in 2014. Paul shares his highlights of last year’s summer school below, which include the popular ‘adrenaline week’!

What were your highlights of the 2014 summer school?

I think my highlights were teaching students from further afield than Europe. At the time this was extremely interesting for me. The way we taught was quite special also in that we taught functional English, meaning students were able to put into practice on the different excursions what we had taught. The 'adrenaline week' was a personal favourite - teaching students about roller coasters and theme parks before going to Blackpool Pleasure Beach!



How beneficial do you think the summer school is to helping students improve their English skills?

In terms of its benefits, I think they are quite clear. It appears that many of the students before coming to the Language Academy were comfortable with grammar and reading activities but rather weaker in their communication skills. The Language Academy puts learners in a situation where they have to use English, but not in a daunting way- rather in a fun situation.

Which countries/cities had you worked at before teaching at UCLan?

Before working at UCLan, I had worked in Spain for two years. I then decided to do my masters’ degree there, got the award for best dissertation and started working for the Language Academy.

What are you currently up to?

I'm now working for a partner university, UCLan-Hebei, in China.