Oluchi Sonia Iyiegbu

Oluchi Iyiegbu, had dreams of owning her own business which is why she decided to study the MSc Business Management at UCLan.

After graduating, Oluchi went back home to Nigeria and secured employment with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) where she is now a risk analyst. In this post she undertakes credit analysis of CBN deposits with foreign and local counterparties. She also looks after the promotion of risk culture in the bank through seminars and conferences. As well as working at the CBN, Oluchi is a student member of a certified financial analyst programme.

When talking about UCLan, Oluchi said: “It is an excellent course to take up because it affords you the opportunity to be self-sufficient”.

Oluchi continued; “A lasting memory of UCLan was one of the team work modules as it was the closest I had come to experiencing British culture.”

When asked if UCLan has had an impact on her employment, Oluchi said: “Yes it has, Nigeria is a country blessed with different cultures and it comes to play in the organisation where I work. Being aware of the impact of culture in the organisation has helped me a lot in carrying out job functions”.