Nut Nithirojpakdee

MSc Fire Safety Engineering

"One of my life aims was to study a Master Degree in Fire Safety Engineering which is a rare major for masters degree courses offered by other universities.

Before graduation, I had planned for my future career. I have been dreaming to work as a Fire Safety Engineer. However, my family needed me to go back to my home country first. I have applied for a job which matched my specialisation that is barely available in Thailand. With the training UCLan provided, it was not hard to prepare a CV or search for a job via the internet. Although I am just at the beginning of the journey that is not even started yet, UCLan kindly advised me as a navigation for this long way adventure.

UCLan provided me British academic experiences that widened my vision. This was a truly world-class experiences with international lectures and students and professional support staff.

Since graduation, the first thing I felt was the great self-esteem. Not only myself but my parents were proud of me. After going through the courses and assessments required, I felt proud. I feel confident to go out the real world for my bright future.

My advice to potential students would be, when you fly back home, you will be a specialist. However, you must be patient for the right time and the right job that suits your academic background. The recent award I received is a merit upper second. I was absolutely glad to have a such honour MSc Award Degree from UCLan.

I think I have gone through the right path for weaving my dream. Fire safety engineering is what I had aimed for. Moreover, UCLan, still, is my influencer whenever I have to make a decision generally. The logic I have learnt from UCLan is definitely useful for my daily life."