Nigel Jackson

BSc Quantity Surveying

BSc Quantity Surveying graduate, Nigel Jackson, gained an immediate promotion at Metcalfe Civil Engineering after leaving UCLan, now working as a Site Manager at the company.

Nigel previously worked in Trading Research and Development at William Hill in Leeds before deciding that he wanted to pursue a career in the construction industry.

“I initially got work as a trainee Quantity Surveyor at Metcalfe’s and then started my degree at UCLan,” Nigel said.

Nigel believes that the information he learnt during his time on the Quantity Surveying course at UCLan has helped him progress through the company at the speed he has.

“Most of what I studied has proved invaluable to this new role,” Nigel said.

“It is a real benefit understanding estimating, which I still do for our firm, and the project management modules have been useful, as well as studying contracts and construction law.”

Nigel holds UCLan in high esteem and says that there are a number of different highlights that he takes from his time at UCLan, ranging from making his family proud to gaining full marks in an assignment.


“Telling my family that I had achieved my degree is definitely one of the lasting memories that I’ll take with me, as is getting 100% on an estimating assignment and making some genuine friends for life,” Nigel said.

Although he was only on a part-time course, Nigel believes that the bond himself and his course mates had was a massive help in getting over the finishing line and graduating.

“The biggest surprise was that this happened on a part-time course where we only met once a week,” Nigel said.

“Going through the experience together made that possible. We helped each other throughout the course by discussing ideas, and continue to ask each other about work related problems on a regular basis.”

After taking a senior management role at the age of 30 and winning a Chartered Institute of Building, Certificate of Excellence for Outstanding Performance, Nigel is in a better position than most to offer advice to the current crop of Quantity Surveying Students.

He says: “You must apply yourself and think practically” and believes that a part-time course is “ideal for a technical qualification because your employment and studies complement each other.”