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Nic Gaskell

MEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering

Being a lover of problem solving, you’d be forgiven for assuming that mechanical engineering student, Nic Gaskell, had gone down the route of studying maths or physics. However, the practicality of engineering as well as the pride at being able to look at what you have solved enticed Nic on to the MEng Mechanical Engineering course at UCLan.

“In engineering you get to see a problem, work out a solution and make it, then see it working in the real world,” Nic said.

“There’s a LOT of industry link-in and actual practical experience on offer at UCLan. Even more so than a lot of the top universities where it's mostly theory. The engineering lecturers have all been there and done it and you can see that in their modules.”

Before going to university Nic primarily worked alone on projects, however the course has opened his eyes to the importance of working alongside your peers to achieve your goals.

“I have certainly gained better people skills. I’ve always preferred working on my own, but being put into groups fairly frequently has helped me work better with a group of people to solve things,” Nic added.

As with most courses at the University, the MEng Mechanical Engineering can be very testing at times and Nic is well aware of the importance of not slipping behind his peers. However, he has praised the lecturers for always being available for any help he, or any other students on his course need.

“If you need it and ask for it, it’s there. If you don’t put any effort in and slip behind because you don’t bother, it’s very easy to fall behind because the course content is difficult stuff. But if you actively want to learn the support is always there.”

With Nic only part way through his studies, he’s hoping to get a chance to work at the UCLan Engineering Innovation Centre, which opens in 2018, and lists it as one of the main reasons why he thinks anyone interested in a career in engineering should study at UCLan.

“The fact that there’s a lot of investment recently into engineering at UCLan (EIC) really shows that they value the subject. I haven’t seen many other universities invest so much at once into engineering," Nic commented.