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Nguyen Thahn Long

MSc in Finance and Management

Long is a postgraduate student from Vietnam who came to UCLan to study an MSc in Finance and Management.

This is his experience of studying at the University of Central Lancashire and of living in Preston.

“After living in Preston for a month I think it is peaceful city. The people are kind and willing to help each other and the environment is very good, not as polluted as Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. People in Preston have a good attitude and desire to protect their environment by recycling batteries, using solar energy, and using power efficiently.

“The University has a large, modern campus in Preston. With four floors and modern facilities I appreciated UCLan’s library. There are lots of computers which you can use all day and there are many individual study areas where you can use your own laptops. If you don’t have a laptop, you can borrow one. Should you leave the library after 8pm you can use the free UCLan safety bus to ensure you get home safely.

“The WISER study skills programme provides useful academic support for free. This program can provide advice on how to write and present your academic assignments. Should you wish to improve your English, WISER gives you the opportunity to practice your English skills.

“UCLan lecturers are professional and willing to answer your queries. I study MSc Finance and Management. All my assignments are written work and I will not have any exams during my course. Furthermore, there is a subject named Postgraduate Research Methods which provides guidance to ensure I write a good dissertation.

“I live in university halls of residence and live in a flat with five other people. They come from Spain, Scotland, France, Manchester and Liverpool. All my flatmates are kind and they helped me a lot when I first arrived. We have separate bedrooms and share our kitchen and bathroom. My rent is £75 per week. You can get a cheaper price about £60 or less if you rent private accommodation which can be easily found on the UCLan website. The normal contract duration is about six months. I spend about £40-50 on food and drink per week.

“I hope my experience will help you and hope to see you at UCLan in near future.”

Read Long's profile in Vietnamese