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New Amazon field trip destination announced

Study Geography or Environmental Management at UCLan and you could be jetting off to the South American nation of Guyana. This year’s third year field trips include a two-week expedition to this new and exciting destination. Over 90 per cent of this tropical country’s population, which stands at 740,000, are concentrated along the Caribbean coast. The rainforest of the Guiana Shield extends southwards for about 1,000 kilometres to the Brazilian border and covers 80 per cent of the country, most of it only navigable by rivers (which are home to the infamous piranha fish).

The trip will look at sustainable development of the Guyanese economy (which is dominated by exports of gold and other minerals; cane sugar and seafood); and also at the biodiversity of the Amazon and its protection (it is estimated that about 20-30 per cent of Guyanese indigenous species are known to science). In collaboration with the University of Guyana, activities will be undertaken in Georgetown, but a full week of the trip will be spent in the rainforest staying close to the Essequibo and Burro-Burro Rivers in Iwokrama and Surama.