UCLan adds new anatomage tables to outstanding facilities.

Added to our state-of-the-art facilities you will find yourself practising on two anatomage medical virtual dissection tables. You’ll use these to learn 3D gross male and female anatomy and 3D high resolution regional anatomy. These virtual dissection tables contain real patient scans or cadavers. Using your hands rather than a scalpel you’ll be cutting through the 3D model to reveal anatomical structures such as organs and muscles.

The tables are just one of the outstanding features of our teaching facilities at the Preston Campus, which amongst other also houses two human anatomy labs; a focal point for our students to engage in learning about the workings of the human body.

Additionally, on campus there are five high-specification clinical skills laboratories that are stocked with a vast range of equipment to develop clinical skills. These dedicated areas provide a safe, realistic environment in which you can integrate medical science knowledge with clinical skills. Within these laboratories there are a number of life-size human simulators of all ages. These will allow you to practise a variety of clinical skills and techniques so that you are well prepared for real situations on hospital wards. In order for simulated scenarios to be reviewed, labs are equipped with the latest video technology to record and allow you to individually review each scenario. Additional space includes simulated primary care settings, such as a GP surgery and patient’s home setting.