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Neil Middlemas

BA (Hons) Politics with Religion Culture and Society, 1st Class Honours, 2012

Neil Middlemas

Fresh Start Student

How do you feel about graduating this week?
Excited about the prospects that I have

Why did you choose to study this course?
I wasn’t enjoying my original chosen career so wanted to do something for enjoyment, was fascinated by religion and politics.

What did you enjoy the most about the course?
The friendly nature of the staff and the clear feedback that was received on assignments

Did you have to overcome any difficulties during the course?
During the course I did have some family problems and UCLan helped me during this time, I was given an extension on work when it was needed.

Why did you choose UCLan?
Upon looking for a suitable course UCLan gave the most help and information

What do you plan to do next?
Study for a Masters in International Relations