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Nathan Partington

Product Design (2007)

Nathan Partington

Nathan Partington returned to UCLan to speak to students for the Product Design graduate experience day. Nathan graduated in 2007 and has since gone on to become a Design Director. He explains how he got to where he is today and remembers his time as a student at UCLan.

 “After graduation I spent a year going from job to job and not enjoying it at all. I realised I needed to push myself a little further so I completed a master’s degree in Cardiff. Since then I have worked for GTECH, where I developed a product that helped grow their business from £4 million to £64 million in turnover. I have worked for design consultancies and set up two businesses since, and I now run a design consultancy full-time.”

Now working as a Design Director, Nathan explains his daily role: “I meet all the new clients and make sure that all the projects are on track. I’m quite heavily involved in all the design work so I will usually start a project off and get someone to finish it.”

Talking about his memories of UCLan, Nathan remembers the people he met. “I made some great friends. I recently got married and the friends who I graduated with 10 years ago came to the wedding. I think that is the best thing that came out of it, the people.”

Nathan tells us that the skills he learnt at UCLan, such as drawing and making, really had an impact on his development. He gives advice to anyone looking to do something similar: “The best advice I could give is that you are going up against thousands of top designers and unless you are in that top few percent then you are probably unlikely to get to where you want to be. You have to put the hours into practice while you are at university because you will not get the chance to when you are working. Practice as much as you can, build a good portfolio and keep active when you are in the industry.”