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Nankunda Hilda Kalekyezi

PhD via (Mphil) in Social Work

I saw an advert for a PhD in Social Work opportunity focusing on children’s rights at UCLan. When I made enquiries on whether the opportunity was still open I got a positive response. I decided to apply because there is no better place to do a PhD in Social Work than in the UK. I am enjoying the resources available for me especially the library facilities, which offer easy access and retrieval of information. My supervisors show interest in my project; they give the best of their time and expertise. I am motivated by their guidance and rich experience in the area of children’s rights and the PhD process.

When you are attentive to advice and focussed, it is easy to settle in any place. I used maps to get to places, and asked people, whom I found very willing to help. Also knowing that in the UK there is a rule of law made me feel secure as long as I am not violating any laws. After five months, I feel very much at home in Preston. People are friendly and I think one can make as many friends as s/he wants and has time for very easily.

New students should make the most of their time, taking advantage of every opportunity to learn new things not only through lectures but also other services offered at the University like Wiser, 'Futures', workshops, languages, online courses and so on. I was a University lecturer from 2004 and was doing consultancy work for government and Non-governmental organisations. I will continue in the same career and focus on publishing as well. I would recommend to parents and those that are interested in an academic environment that prepares young people for the competitive job market to come to UCLan. UCLan offers a lot of support to students.