Naazira Bedekar

BA (Hons) Business and Management

What I think of UCLan

I chose to study at UCLan as it is well known and anyone I talked to about UCLan had many positive things to say about it. UCLan also has a successful pass rate and a variety of resources to aid students to achieve their best throughout their degree. The staff at UCLan are also very friendly and supportive; they will go out of their way to help you whenever required.

Do I commute?

I commute to university via train or bus as I am from Blackburn and chose not to live on campus.

Advice to those thinking of studying at UCLan

It is okay to feel nervous when starting university as did I but the most important thing to remember is to enjoy the new journey. UCLan has a lot to offer to welcome new students and help them feel more comfortable. For example, there is ‘Freshers’ Week’ and various Facebook groups so you can get to know people from both your own and other degree courses.

Opportunities at UCLan

UCLan has numerous opportunities to offer students. For example, the Launchpad Leadership Development programme, which I am a part of, aims to enable students to develop their skills and build their confidence.

This programme also offers a week-long international experience all of which is free of charge! I have also had the opportunity to take on the role of course representative this year, which has helped me build better relations with the other students on my course. In addition to, helping solve any issues helping make every student experience at UCLan an enjoyable one.