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Momoko Yoneyama

Pre-sessional English

Pre-sessional student Momoko Yoneyama feels that studying in the UK is helping her to improve her English skills quicker.

The 20 year-old from Nagoya, Japan, is taking a year out from studying English Language at her hometown university to develop her English through the pre-sessional course at UCLan.

She feels that her listening skills have improved the most which is largely down to her being in the UK.

“My listening skills have improved since coming here. I still need to improve my reading and writing because they are still very difficult for me. Being in the UK is very helpful though,” said Momoko.

“At first it was difficult to understand people. Luckily my flatmates are English so there’s plenty of opportunities to learn through speaking to them. We understand each other a lot more now than when we first met.”

As well as socialising with her flatmates, Momoko has made many friends on the pre-sessional course.

“In classes I get to learn English with Chinese and Arabic students, and mixing with students from all over the world is very enjoyable.

“I’ve made lots of friends through the course and often get invited round to people’s accommodation for tea.”



The 24-hour library at the university and the campus itself are what makes UCLan a great place to study according to the Japanese student.

“I think UCLan is a great place to study because the library is always open and there are laptops available to everyone. In my university in Japan you have to take a bus to get to different buildings but UCLan is more compact and the buildings are close to each other.

“There are a lot of cafeterias at UCLan which are a good place to meet with friends and socialise.”

Many of the international students that come to the UK like to visit some of the country’s major cities in their spare time and Momoko says that her trip to London was the most enjoyable.

“I enjoyed going to London and visiting Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. I enjoyed Westminster Abbey because I remember watching the Royal Wedding with Kate and William and I can’t believe I got to go there!

“I also went to watch Wicked in the West End which was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone who visits London.”