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Mike Collier

BSc(Hons) Television Production (2013)

Mike Collier graduated in 2013 with a 2:1 degree in BSc(Hons) Television Production at UCLan.

Mike said: “When I was at UCLan, I learned to take as many opportunities to work as possible. Using the student Jobshop, I found some media related voluntary work for the 2013 Rugby World Cup. This happened around the same time I was undertaking ‘Professional Practice’ as a module, which really gave me some great advice for my CV, application form and the actual interview.

During my interview, I mentioned my degree and technical skills; which led to me securing an internship with RLWC2013. I edit and frequently film videos for the YouTube channel, working with well-known athletes in a fantastic environment.

This internship, combined with making videos for a factory where I worked part-time, has kept me busy over the summer and foreseeable future. I am continuing to develop the production skills I learned at UCLan in ‘real world’ scenarios, building contacts and developing a list of clients I began to build during the ‘Enterprise’ module.
From my camera and editing skills to my CV and interview techniques, I definitely owe a lot of gratitude to UCLan.”