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Michael Morrison

BA (Hons) Journalism 2013

After graduating from UCLan with a BA(Hons) Journalism degree, Michael joined the Lancashire Telegraph and is a district reporter at the regional daily, which produces two editions six days of the week.

Michael said: “UCLan does not take anybody and turn them into a journalist, just as Man Utd don’t take anybody and make them footballers.

"But what it does do is provide a supportive, testing environment that enhances and hones the core skills journalism students already possess.

"The third year of the course, tutored by Delwyn Swingewood and Michael Williams for the newspaper route, is fast-paced, challenging and perhaps most importantly of all, incredibly rewarding.

"The course is also NCTJ accredited, which is hugely important in a tough jobs market. Many universities offer journalism degrees, but the NCTJ diploma is highly-sought after and being able to kill two birds with one stone saved me time and money.

"I would recommend UCLan to any budding hacks – as long as they are already hard-working, nosy, have a good grasp of the English language and refuse to take no for an answer.”