Matthew Parker

BA (Hons) Asia Pacific Studies: Korean Pathway, 3rd year student

Currently as I am writing this I am in Seoul, South Korea approximately halfway through my period abroad. I was hovering between studying at SOAS or UCLan, and I was going to firmly choose SOAS as I lived very close to London.

However, the people that I met at the UCLan open day and the way that I felt coming to the University was something that I feel I could not have gotten at SOAS so I choose to move to Preston and study here.

In April 2019, I had the amazing opportunity to travel with some of UCLan’s very own professors and some of my classmates to Taiwan as part of an Essay competition for the module Taiwan in the Asia Pacific (a year two module).

The Taiwan Travelling Seminar brought context and real-life experience to all the history and politics that we had been learning about in the lecture halls.

I will never forget the day we took a long journey to a university in Taiwan to meet one of the leading academics on Taiwanese history. We were able to explore the campus of the university and each talk with this esteemed academic personally.

Matthew Parker

It was a real honour to be able to talk about Taiwanese history with someone so prolific, and the author of the articles and history that we had been studying on the course. It was a real mind opening experience and is something that still motivates me to this day. 

UCLan has many leading academics for Asia Pacific Studies which is a true focal point as the professors engage greatly in class discussions, and it’s a true honour to be among them. This is what truly inspires the students at UCLan, and brings new light and new opinions to the topics being discussed

Studying now in Korea I can see the differences between universities here and UCLan and I truly believe that UCLan has some of the best support systems which is a great feature of the university and immensely helpful to students.

If you are thinking about becoming a student at UCLan, keep in mind that it will be a transformative experience you will exit as an entirely different person: well read, able to articulate oneself and to present and develop sophisticated ideas.

If you follow a course that truly inspires you then you will also feel that the time you spend here at University will fly past you and will also be some of your most memorable years. The UCLan library has more books and knowledge than any person would be able to consume within a lifetime.

If you are unsure about whether the student lifestyle is truly worth it, you must know that the three or four years at university will provide you ample time to fully develop yourself.

29 November 2019