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The shortlist for the Matt Greenhalgh Award

The nominations for this year's Matt Greenhalgh award have been announced. The shortlist is chosen from the most outstanding feature length scripts written by students on the MA Scriptwriting course at University of Central Lancashire.

Matt Greenhalgh, the BAFTA winning screenwriter, has kindly given permission for his name to be associated with this award.

The shortlist for this year’s award is as follows:

Sophie Fowler for Blackout
Sophie Fowler also worked on the writing of a feature film. She is setting up an arts venue in Preston Korova, which opens on 25 May. “It is for the artistic community of Preston. We will screen films, present live performance and comedy” Sophie, who is currently producing a play, said: “I am honoured to be nominated for this award.”

Alan Mockler for Winter Hill
Whilst still a student at UCLan Alan Mockler wrote programmes that were broadcast by the BBC. Alan continues to work as a professional freelance copywriter. The Wedding, which he co-wrote, premieres in the autumn

Tom O'Boyle for Empress
Tom O’Boyle has co-written a full length feature film. Since leaving UCLan he has written TV commercials professionally. He is also co-writing a book on heavy metal culture with UCLan’s Niall Scott, as well as contributing to a plethora of heavy metal magazines.

Jacqueline Threlfall for Hope in Heaven
After a career in nursing Jacqueline Threlfall wrote on a feature film while still a student at UCLan. She continues to write.

Chris Worthington for Reset
Chris Worthington is currently on a paid placement writing web material for Innovation Lab. He said: “I’m just really excited to be nominated for this award.” The Wedding, a feature film on which Chris worked as a co-writer, finished shooting this week.

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