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Matt Houghton

Product Design 2014 & 2015

Matt Houghton

After graduating in Product Design in 2014, Matt Houghton went on the do a master’s after graduation and now works full-time as a footwear designer.

Matt tells us why he decided to do the master’s course: “The guys who were in my class were a lot more advanced than me so I knew if they were going to struggle, then I was as well. Therefore, I decided to do something extra and have something behind me, specifying in footwear design.”

The course allowed Matt to zone in on something that he was interested in, making it easy for him to move into footwear design.

Now working as a footwear designer for Jacobson Group, Matt explains his job role: “As a footwear designer, I design all kinds of trainers from start to finish working with a number of brands including Gola.” 

Talking about the course, Matt says that because it was a small course group you could learn a lot from the tutors. For anyone looking to do something similar to Matt, his advice would be: “Experience is key and even doing it for free is beneficial. It’s better to work on products or your portfolio on the side, that way you have the experience to show what you have done rather than just having a CV.”