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Mathematics Research Internship

Salma Younus

Salma Younus, a student on the BSc(Hons) Mathematics course, enjoyed a 10 week research internship during the summer after her second year. Salma found the project to be extremely interesting and beneficial and she learned new mathematical techniques and theories, as well as using existing knowledge to come up with a solution to a real life problem.

Salma’s research project aimed to investigate the behaviour of acoustic waves in transmission line loudspeakers, in order to suggest optimal designs to reproduce low frequency sounds. Traditional loudspeakers are generally good at reproducing high-frequency sounds, but cannot generate the required power at low frequencies, and so transmission line loudspeaker cabinets are designed to enhance the low frequency response of loudspeakers.

Salma investigated three different cabinet designs, in order to help recognise optimal designs which would transmit the extra low frequencies, without the extra high frequencies. The first design was an empty duct, the second was a duct almost filled with foam and the third was the more realistic design of a duct with a layer of foam, which looks the most promising to leading towards this optimal design.

Though it required a great deal of hard work and commitment, Salma found the research project to be a great opportunity and very rewarding. Following this internship Salma had the opportunity to present her work at an international conference in Utah and has gained an insight into mathematical research. The internship was an invaluable period of work experience for Salma and has significantly enhanced her CV.