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Maths Group Enjoy Trip to Toulouse

In June a group of 14 second year Mathematics students visited Toulouse in France for a week-long trip funded by the School of Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences International Travel Fund.

The students enjoyed exploring and sightseeing in Toulouse city centre and took advantage of a tour of the Millau Viaduct, which is a cable-stayed bridge that spans the valley of the River Tarn near Millau in southern France. The group took a tour of the bridge and watched a ten minute video on the bridge’s creation and planning. They also took a walk under the bridge to see the workings and equipment as well as the cables shown in detail.

Maths student Matthew Gardner said: “It was an exceptionally well planned trip, which succeeded in fuelling our interest into mathematical applications whilst also bringing us closer as a group.”

The group also took a panoramic tour of the Airbus factory, in which they saw all departments from engineering through to design, along with the hangers.

They were shown the control panel of the first flight of A380s and then were driven over to the A380 construction hanger and entered the factory to see the whole construction process - there were three A380s under construction. The factory is the biggest building in Europe.

After the tour the group went back to the hotel and went on a night out to enjoy the social side of the trip. On the final day the group had a tourist day and celebrated with a meal before heading home to Preston.

“Was a brilliant experience, saw some very interesting places and generally had an amazing time! So glad I chose to go.” Catherine Henshall

Maths trip to toulouse