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Liverpool FC’s Martin Young

From Intern, to VT Editor

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“As a kid I dreamt of being a sports commentator, as nerdy as it sounds. The thought of being at live sport events and entertaining listeners or viewers with my voice sent chills down my spine, in a good way. The sports journalism course at UCLan offered me some form of a route into the industry.”

UCLan sports journalism graduate Martin Young has worked for two of the country’s most renowned football clubs and is now one of Liverpool FC’s VT Editors, where he edits visual content for the TV channel’s various shows as well as their website video service LFCTVGO.

As a VT Editor, Martin enjoys his job and even though he took on a different profession to the one he dreamt of, the versatile nature of his role means that he gets to do what he loves in the field he loves, whilst still harbouring the ambition of fulfilling his dream of sports commentary - and he is in the right place to do it.

In 2013, Martin waved goodbye to his fellow students and it wasn’t long before he kicked off his footy media profession in style as he had an industry job in the bag. He said: “Just two weeks after I graduated, I was fortunate enough to become a Multimedia Intern at West Ham United FC.”

As an intern, Martin assisted the Multimedia Editor in the day-to-day running of the club’s online video content, including its YouTube channel and social media pages where he found himself filming, editing, producing and directing. He said: “The content I put together would vary from filming an interview with the first manager, to editing a set of match highlights from one of the academy teams, to setting up lighting, cameras and props single-handed for a panel show with guests.”

As part of the multimedia team, Martin embraced his role from the start and through sheer diligence and a passion to succeed by the end of his first season with the club, he was offered the position of Multimedia Assistant.

He said: “My role did not alter when I became Multimedia Assistant; however, I was given more responsibility as the club would begin to send me on a number of first team away games, as well as pre-season training camps abroad that the first team would attend ahead of a new season.”

After a fruitful couple of years at West Ham, in April 2016 Martin decided it was time for a new challenge and accepted the chance to become one of Liverpool FC’s VT Editors for its in-house TV channel. He said: “The job change allowed me to focus and improve on one aspect of being a multimedia professional, rather than trying to juggle five or six in a fast-paced environment.”

In his quest to build a lucrative career, Martin continues to excel and believes UCLan had a huge impact on his life from both a social and career perspective.  He commented: “My time at UCLan gave me the chance to experience life on my own gaining independence in the process. I have made friends for life from those who I have lived with, to those that were on the same course.

Martin Young

“In a career sense, my time at UCLan helped me forge my career in the media industry by giving me the knowledge and experience to hit the ground running after graduation.”

He added: “Particular recognition from a career perspective goes to my former lead lecturer Charlie Lambert, whose guidance and direction helped me get to the position I am in today.”

As an experienced editor, Martin has some sound advice for those with similar career aspirations. He said: “The media industry is a competitive market, fast-paced and forever changing. It is not enough to saunter along just doing the work set by your lecturers.

“My main aim alongside getting a decent degree was to secure full-time employment straight after graduation. If I hadn’t spent my own time outside of my studies learning editing software, constantly practicing with the cameras and perfecting my writing style this wouldn’t have happened.”

He added: “As common as these terms are, being hardworking and going the extra mile are the bedrock of my working personality and attributes that helped get me noticed by employers. So when at uni, listen to the professionals, take in their knowledge and experience, apply yourself when in the field and you should reap the rewards after graduation.”

By Donna Sladen