Magdalena Dugdale

BA (Hons) English Language, 2017

UCLan graduate, Magdalena Dugdale, reaps the benefits from her English Language degree in new role as Junior Website Editor at international firm, GlobalData.

Following her graduation in 2017, Magdalena spent time searching for the right job after being inspired to look into a career in publishing or editing whilst at college. In pursuit of this desired career path, Magdalena chose to study English Language because “the course was interesting” and wished to “study the subject further from her interest in editing after joining her college online blog”.

Recently, Magdalena secured her first graduate job as a Junior Website Editor at international company, GlobalData which she enjoys and cites “will give me valuable experience”. In terms of getting the job, Magdalena said: “I think my knowledge of English was a great help”.

Speaking about her time at UCLan, Magdalena stated: “Everyone I met at UCLan made my time there really enjoyable. The lecturers were always supportive and all very interesting and fun. I made some really close friends at UCLan and I’m glad that we are still in touch having all come from different areas of Lancashire.”

When asked what advice she would give to graduates wishing to pursue a similar course of study and career, Magdalena said: “I think it is important for graduates to really put effort into finding a job and take time with the application. Don’t send out generic applications and work on your CV to make it concise and clear for the job specification.”

28 November 2018