Lucy Myers

BSc (Hons) Forensic Computing

Lucy Myers, a final year Forensic Computing student, may well have continued on a software engineering course if it wasn’t for the flexibility that UCLan offers its first year students. After realising that she wanted a role to play in the Police, Lucy switched to forensic computing, a field in which she has flourished ever since.

Although at first she was nervous about how well she would get along with her peers due to being a female in such a male dominated industry, over time she has grown to become more confident and self-assured.

“As a female in computing, I've always thought it may be a struggle to fit in with my peers and for people to accept me. But, over time, I've embraced this and decided that I can enjoy what I do, as well as having nice nails!” Lucy said.

Lucy recently completed a year-long placement at Ernst and Young where she impressed them so much that she has received a job offer from them for when she graduates.

“On placement I worked through every aspect on the EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model) on a daily basis, from gathering and processing evidence, to providing review support such as log ins for the clients to access the review platform,” Lucy said.

“I also provided a lot of client support which involved communicating with the clients about what kind of information they wanted to see, and producing reports to reflect this.”

“I've now received an offer to return as an experience hire and I’ll be going back as an associate because I now have experience. This is not a graduate scheme, which is nice, as I will be straight back in to doing what I know from day one and it is all providing I get a 2:1.”

With Lucy just a few months away from graduating, she looks back at her time at UCLan with fond memories, paying homage to the University for the opportunities and experiences it has given her.

“UCLan has provided me with some great opportunities. I've been to Hong Kong, Cyprus and China, each time representing the University and I'm proud to say so,” Lucy said.

“Our degrees are accredited by the British Computing Society and well recognised in industry and with employers, and we have great links with employers for both graduate jobs and placement opportunities.”