Lima Mcpike

Policing and Criminal Investigation student, Lima Mcpike, made the move from Birmingham to Preston two years ago and hasn’t looked back ever since.

Despite it taking her a little while to settle in at UCLan, Lima is now enjoying life at University and has recently returned from a six-month trip to the Netherlands as part of her course.

“As exciting as this was for me, it was also very nerve racking and required me to adjust to a whole new country and place of study,” Lima said.

“However, it was one of the best experiences I have ever had, and has enabled me to grow and become more confident as a person.”

With Policing at UCLan possessing an excellent reputation, all it took was a visit to an Open Day to convince Lima that UCLan was the place for her.

The course’s reputation has certainly lived up to its name according to Lima, with the facilities on offer impressing her more and more year on year.

“The facilities at UCLan, especially for my course in particular are very practical and can be utilised to prepare us for some of the things that we may experience within our future careers,” Lima said.

“For example, the new hydra suites have allowed us to create an understanding of how the police function on certain aspects of their job, and some of the responsibilities that the job entails.”

In addition to the state-of-the-art facilities, Lima is also a fan of the range of modules that the course has to offer.

“When comparing the course modules with another university that I looked at, they were much more relevant and modern to the way in which policing takes place in current society,” Lima said.

"UCLan offer practicable modules such as investigation skills, crime scene science and offences against the person and public order, which makes the course intriguing.”

With a UCLan Open Day playing a big part in convincing Lima that UCLan was the right fit for her, she urges all prospective students to do the same.

“I would really encourage prospective students to go along to one of the Open Days at UCLan,” Lima said.

“If they are interested in the University, it will offer them an insight into what it is like to live in Preston, and be a student at UCLan.”

lima mcpike