Leonie Jackson

BA (Hons) International Tourism Management, 2016

Leonie recently graduated with a First in International Tourism Management from UCLan. During her time on the course, she had the opportunity to travel abroad and complete a placement year.

Speaking of her experience she said: “It was the best experience I could have hoped for. During my time at UCLan I got the chance to visit Barcelona, Cyprus, Poland and meet people from all over the globe. I gained valuable transferable skills that will help me progress in my career, accompanied with attributes that have helped me grow personally.”

Leonie spoke of her placement year while studying at UCLan. She worked with three different companies throughout the year: Walt Disney World (Orlando, USA), Mercedes-Benz (Plymouth, UK) and Chalet Eira (Morzine, France).

Speaking of her time at Walt Disney World, she said: “The whole process was surreal; Disney came to UCLan to interview students and told us that very day whether we would be invited to a second interview.”

“Disney is arguably the largest and most successful tourism company in the world and working for them in America taught me many professional skills: customer service, time management, HR management (studied through ‘Disney University’) and many personal skills: patience, independence and most importantly; introduced me to a wide range of different cultures and people.”

Leonie expressed the reason she chose to study tourism management at UCLan is due to the placement year available and the links the University has to companies such as Disney.

When asked what advice she could pass on to potential and current students, Leonie said: “I could not recommend the placement year enough, it was not only the most influential experience I’ve had career-wise but also the most fun I’ve ever had with life-long friends as my memoir.”

Since graduating, Leonie decided to go travelling around Europe and has now settled back at UCLan within the Marketing department as a Social Media, PR and Marketing Assistant.

Leonie Jackson

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