Lancashire Law School welcomes GMP hostage expert

Lancashire Law School was delighted to welcome Kevin Taylor, a member of GMP hostage negotiation team, to UCLan.

He gave a talk on negotiation skills to final year students on the negotiation skills module but anyone with an interest in this area was also welcome to attend.

Kevin has over 27 years experience in a wide variety of policing disciplines. His experience includes both overt and covert policing roles from walking the beat as a uniformed officer to chief inspector of operations on a large division of Greater Manchester, and as head of Greater Manchester Police Hostage Negotiation Unit.

As a hostage negotiator he has years of experience of communicating in the most extreme and challenging situations, and has used this experience to develop others.

Kevin has also worked as intelligence manager where he was responsible for collation and dissemination of intelligence for the city centre division of Manchester and within the specialist operation branch as a Public Order Commander.

As head of the Hostage Unit Kevin was responsible for running a team of police negotiators and delivering training at a national level in relation to kidnap negotiation, and foundation level negotiation for new negotiators. Kevin has trained UK Police officers, UK Special Forces, United Nations, and a number of international police forces. He has himself successfully graduated from the FBI’s hostage negotiators training program in Quantico, Virginia.

Through his role as a Hostage Negotiator Kevin has become an expert in the skill of listening to influence, and has taken these skills into a program to develop future leaders.

The talk was well received by the students who attended and many were inspired by Kevin's words.


Final year student Lauren Smith commented: “The talk from hostage negotiator was great, especially as he told us his background and how he got there. I aim to join the police force and never really thought the negotiation module would be such a good start. Talking about the different types of listening was really interesting too”

Chris Crawley echoed these thoughts. He added: “Kevin was a very interesting, engaging and inspirational speaker. It was a fantastic experience, he made me think about every conversation I have and what style of listening I use.”