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Annual EU Trip - Law School

Back in February 2015, we took 46 students on our annual study trip to the EU Institutions in Brussels and Luxembourg. The seven-day trip provides a perfect balance between educational activities and leisure time. We stay in nice, centrally located hotels in Brussels and Belgium; our Brussels Hotel is literally across the road from the beautiful Grande Place.  The trip is the perfect opportunity for law students to mix with each other and for us all to get that feeling of belonging to the Law School.  

This year we had law students from first, second and third year undergraduate courses plus students from the Graduate Diploma in Law and even the LLM course. Students often say that they become good friends with people they would not have met if it were not for the trip.  It is also a really nice opportunity for the academic staff to get to know our students more. On one of the evenings the whole group (staff and students) went out for a meal together at Brussels oldest restaurant.

This year the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Court of Justice were the focus of the educational aspects of the trip and we were treated to very interesting and informative talks and activities. Many students commented on how useful these visits were to bring their EU law studies to life!

These are a few comments from the students about their experiences on the trip:

“The trip was fun and interactive and my understanding of the EU has definitely increased.  It was a great experience to be able to socialise with the other law students and I feel my confidence has increased as a result. I particularly enjoyed the group meal in Brussels, it was fantastic to get to know everyone (staff and students) and I felt like I really belonged to the Law School. The whole trip, both educational and leisure time, was terrific and hugely beneficial to me.”

Suhail Yousuf, Year 2 LLB

“Everything we did was interesting and engaging and it motivated me to want to learn more about the EU. I found the careers talks particularly useful and I am now considering a future career with the EU.”

Francesca Gould, Year 2 LLB

“The EU Trip was definitely the highlight of my time at UCLan so far. The learning activities really helped me to put all the info I am learning into context; it is hard to learn about the EU ‘in the abstract’ but when you visit the Institutions and witness how they work it brings everything to life. Getting to know more law students on the trip was also a huge bonus.”

Kathryn Murphy, Year 2 MLaw