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Law Students Enjoy a Leadership and Cultural Course in Mauritius

Students from Lancashire Law School jumped at the amazing opportunity to undertake a Leadership and Cultural course in Mauritius!

Two of our students have shared their thoughts on the experience with us…

Chantelle Gardner

“My personal goal was to go on at least one trip a year; last year I visited London with the Law Society. Initially when I received the email about the leadership and cultural course in Mauritius I replied straight away without a second thought! Just one of the amazing experiences that Lancashire Law School has to offer. As a mature student with two children opportunities such as this do not happen regularly. I also would like to add that I am disabled and the lecturers were very understanding on my bad days.

After a jam-packed Year 2 this was a perfect way to wrap up my year. I also hate flying so I am trying to conquer my fear of flights! A course, a beautiful destination and meeting new people; not only with my Law School but the Mauritian Law School as well. I enjoyed getting to know the 2nd year students more and also speaking to 3rd year students about what to expect for the next year. It was so valuable to be able to listen to students and get advice about the year ahead. For some students, this could be their first trip abroad and going on these trips you really do get to know different people from all different backgrounds. I personally enjoy meeting new people especially from different cultures.  These trips are vital, as not only are they educational, they look great on your CV and they can be great discussion in an interview.

The lecturers put an excellent spin on their styles of teaching and it was not death by PowerPoint! We had presentations on the beach, one to one psychometric tests in hotels and a negotiations scenario which we had to do independently.  The lecturers also kindly organised one evening for us to enjoy some Mauritian cuisine and watch Sega dancing which is the native Mauritian dance. The team building days were great and I loved the dodo quest, which I believe is like the escape room.

My favourite parts of the course were the psychometric tests and the negotiation competition. The psychometric test really made students think about themselves and become mindful about what employers may want. Although I had never heard of these tests prior to the course, once I was aware, I pretty much knew how mine would show. It has really made me think as the work route I want to go down is very dominant which is not really me! The negotiation task was great as we worked with the Mauritian students. Our group was very varied and therefore there was lots of discussion and people stamping their feet! I really enjoyed the course and would encourage anyone to attend at least one trip whether it be in the UK or abroad.”

Rebecca Rushworth

“When the opportunity arose to go on a once in a lifetime trip to Mauritius to visit the campus, bond with foreign students and make amazing memories, who could possibly turn that down?

I went to Mauritius in May 2017. We spent one week there and it was hardly a week I would forget. The cost of this trip was £500, including Emirates flights, the stay in a hotel for the week plus transport to and from campus and various activities. It was well worth the £500!

To begin with, we had the first night off. We landed late and we were tired after the long flight. After checking into the hotel, we decided we wanted to have a look around to see where about we were and what was going on! It turned into one of the best nights I have had! I bonded with students I had not met before and turned out we was a little worse for wear the day after…

Following this spontaneous first night, we then visited the campus and met the Mauritian students. We received our itinerary for the week. It was a packed week full of various meetings, visits and activities as well as free time to enjoy as we please. The days we spent during the week at the campus was a good experience, we joined with the Mauritian students and got to know them a little better. However, there were classroom activities inside when it was a beautiful 28 degrees outside! Us English students wanted to make the most of that weather!

Before we flew to Mauritius, we had a questionnaire to fill in online for a personality test, which we received feedback when we were away. I found that really interesting. The feedback fit my personality accurately and I was shocked as to how relevant it was. We had a BBQ on the beach one night, getting to know students, lecturers, and we also visited another hotel for dinner and to watch a Mauritian dance.

We had a trip to the Dodo quest! The whole team really enjoyed this activity and my team won so it was even better! Finally, the highlight of my week has to be the deep-sea fishing trip I undertook with a few fellow students and our lecturer, Martin. On the Friday before flying home, we were picked up at 3am. We got onto a boat, watched the sunrise over the island and went fishing!

Finally, the leadership course has taught me many skills that I will carry through and grow with. I have made friends for life and got to know people I would not have known if it was not for this trip. The lecturers; Steph, Susan and Martin did a great job and really got involved with the students, the conversations and banter! I could not have put a better team together.

I am very grateful to the Law School for putting this trip together and I do sincerely hope that it carries on as an annual trip for law students; it is well worth the money. The experience was amazing and I wish I could do it all over again! Thank you!”