Lauren Pilkington-Steele

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, 2016

Growing up in a medical family, always having an interest in the human body, and being surrounded by sport, meant UCLan’s BSc Physiotherapy course was a perfect opportunity for Lauren Pilkington-Steele to work towards an enjoyable career.

“Going to University is an experience that you can’t replicate. You get so much out of the experience, not just a degree,” says Lauren. “From UCLan, I have met some of my best friends who will be lifelong friends. We still laugh at how nervous and shy we were on the first day and now we are so close.”

Lauren Pilkington-Steele

Since graduating, Lauren has become a Physiotherapist in three different workplaces. She works as both a Junior Physio and Head Physio at David Roberts Physiotherapy and Rochdale Hornets, Rugby League, respectively.

In addition, Lauren has set up her own family business, Genus Therapy, with her Mum, who is a Sports Massage Therapist.

Lauren admits: “I’m reaching the point in my career where I feel confident that I’m good at my job and, actually, what we do is very important for the people we see.

“Without my degree, I would not be able to have the career that I have. The lecturers at UCLan draw the line perfectly between being your friend and being your tutor. Thanks to them I have pushed myself more than I thought I could.”

On her time at University, the UCLan Alumna added: “You will always find someone who is on the same wavelength as you and you’re all in the same boat. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to studying but whatever your strength is, you will get an opportunity to use it and prove to yourself.”

05 April 2018