Laura Shepherd

BA (Hons) Photography

Laura Cover Image

What made you choose to study your course?

After studying Fine Art for three years at college I decided to take up Photography as just a hobby. Developing a passion for photography came very quickly to me and I felt myself eager to learn more. This was my entire reason for coming to University as it was never in the idea of my future. The past three years at UCLan have been the best of my life and given me unbelievable opportunities to set myself up for a career after Graduation.

Have you undertaken any placement or internship opportunities since you started studying? If so, please tell us more.

Within UCLan I have been involved in many opportunities that support my area of work. I have been involved with two published books written by Master students in Publishing. One for the Guide to the Tour De France and one for a children’s book in the Azores. Both of which have been published and sold on.

I have also been involved with an eBook which was entirely photographed by myself which can be found on many eBook websites.

I have also been involved with a 22 student group trip to Madrid working on a cultural project.
Placement wise, I have managed to create what I believe would happen within the next ten years into the three I have spent here at UCLan. Working for a News & Sport press company photographing National-League to Championship football for the national papers every weekend. Without all of the opportunities UCLan has given me, this would all still be just a dream.

What are your best memories of your time at UCLan to date?

My best memories at UCLan are countless. The social life, the new friends, the independence, was all amazing. However my personal fantastic memories are being chosen to go to the Tour De France and then seeing the published book with my images in, also being chosen to photograph Blue Whales in the Azores. The opportunities UCLan has given me has created memories that I will be telling for the rest of my life. It has given me the chance to make friends, see places, countries that I never thought I would see.

What is your greatest achievement since starting University?

I have 4 achievements that has happened since starting University.
1. My confidence.
2. My books.
3. My job.
4. My friends.

What advice would you give to those thinking of taking up study?

I am a strong believer in the fact that education will take you places. You have the rest of your life to get a full time job and do the same thing every day. Education is there for a reason and to take advantage of the fantastic organisation is an understatement. I have been in education since I was 4 years old and if I had it my way I would stay there until I’m 30. Being in education has given me the chance to see and do far more than I ever would have with a full time job after school. The confidence, commitment and ability to learn is something we should not take for granted.

Have you received any awards, appointments, had any publications or are there any other accomplishments you would like to tell us about?

I am published in usually the Non-League Football Paper or the Football League Paper every weekend. I have my three books and my very own press pass to secure me a position at pretty much any football or rugby match I want to photograph.

Have your experiences at UCLan had any particular impact on your current employment (if you are employed) or your life in general?

All of the above portrays this I believe, UCLan was, is and hopefully will be my life. It has created everything for me, it has given me the chance of a lifetime and the experiences that people couldn’t dream of.

What do you plan to do once you graduate?

After my graduation I will be carrying on with the Sports Photography Company and hopefully applying for Masters of Sports Journalism here at UCLan. Alongside trying to gather support to bring the idea to the table of creating a module for Sports Photography for other students in my position.


Do you see yourself requiring any help from UCLan once you’ve finished your studies?

Oh yes. As I mentioned above, UCLan has been, is and will be my life. This University has given me so much I never want to leave whether its education or job wise.