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Latest Crime and Security Policy Seminar Event at UCLan

Timothy Owen
Dr Tim Owen

Dr Tim Owen with Wayne Noble and Jess Marshall
Dr Tim Owen with Wayne Noble and Jess Marshall

The Division of Social Science within ESS has launched Dr Mark Littler’s Crime and Security Policy Seminar Series with Dr Tim Owen’s seminar, ‘ A Manifesto for a Genetic-Social Realism’, based around Tim Owen’s latest book, Criminological Theory: a Genetic Social Approach. The event was attended by staff, students, and external guests who engaged in a debate around Tim Owen’s work. Tim Owen thanked his colleagues Jess Marshall and Wayne Noble who had supported him with the book, and particularly Dave Orr, whose help had actually enabled Tim to complete the work. Tim also thanked Dr Mark Littler and Dr Rachel Dyer for Organising the series.

In an age of rapid advances in behavioural genetics, Dr Tim Owen applies a unique genetic-social framework to the study of crime and criminal behaviour in areas such as critical criminology, masculinities and crime, feminist criminologies, postmodernism and post-structuralism. Moving beyond the existing theoretical obstacles confronting criminological theory including biophobia and the oversocialised gaze, this book draws upon evidence from evolutionary psychology and behavioural genetics to provide an up-to-date and more balanced account of the mutuality between genes and environment. Owen acknowledges that biological factors may 'switch on' genetic impulses to generate behaviour that can be labelled as 'criminal' when they interact with other social and psychological factors, and also considers human beings as reflexive agents with the agency to choose not to engage in criminal activities where they believe that the rewards are outweighed by negative outcomes or actions which offend moral prohibitions.

Criminological Theory: A Genetic-Social Approach is available through Palgrave Macmillan and in all good book stores.

The next events in the Crime and Security Policy Series are:

  • Wednesday 5th November 2014 3.30 – 6.00pm
    E-Engagement Against Violence: Populist narratives, young people and the world wide web Dr. Ben Lee (University of Leicester)
  • Wednesday 3rd December 2014 3.30 – 6.00pm
    Mapping Right-Wing Involvement in Anti-Muslim Hate Crime using the Tell MAMA dataset Prof. Matthew Feldman (Teesside University)