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Langa Moyo

BA (Hons) Sports Journalism

Zimbabwean student Langa graduated from UCLan from our Sports Journalism course. After graduation he got a job writing weekly bulletins for a marketing company and continued to work as a freelance writer for various online sports blogs and website.

Langa is currently a senior consultant for marketing company Nikken International. The business is primarily in health and wellness and aims to get people involved and raising awareness in improving people’s livelihoods, in all ages and backgrounds, both in health and in wealth.

He recounts his experience at UCLan:

"I have been a sports fan all my life, and in my primary and secondary school years I enjoyed participating and getting involved in a wide variety of sports. In addition, it has always fascinated me how sport has been reported in both print and broadcast media and it is this interest that led to my involvement in covering sport for both my primary and secondary school magazines. This fuelled my ambition to study sport journalism and enhance and hone my reporting skills further.

“I have two lasting memories of UCLan, the tutors and friendships. The professionalism, dedication, and ability of my course and personal tutors who helped and educated me from the very first day of studying the course right up to the day I graduated.

“The second is the countless bonds and friendships I made during my time there, many of whom I’m still in touch with. Not forgetting the leisurely entertainment and social get-togethers in my spare time.

“I would advise students that studying is an experience of a lifetime and one to savour for the rest of your life. Anyone who gets the opportunity to take up study at UCLan should not pass up that chance! So I’d say go for it and don’t give up on your dreams. Most importantly, think big, as big as you can!

“My degree has certainly helped open doors that I don’t think would have been open without it. It has helped me interact and communicate closely with both those I share something in common with and share different ideas with those who introduced me to what I do now and work with.

“Ultimately, my degree has led me on a learning curve in my life experience in improving my social interaction with people in general and building relationships on every level in particular. It is something I will treasure and cherish for the rest of my life....thanks to UCLan."