Katy Chadbond

Policing and Criminal Investigation

Placement - The Police Academy of The Czech Republic in Prague

I first heard about the placement opportunity in the first year; a short presentation was provided discussing the options available to us. A presentation was also presented to us early in semester one of second year, with guest speakers from one of the exchange partners, with further information about the application process.

The application process involves a short piece of writing explaining why this placement is right for you and why you should be given the opportunity to go.

On top of this, general information about yourself is required. During the application process you must also choose the modules you would like to study when on placement.

The UCLan study abroad team provide a sufficient amount of support to ensure the documents require are filled out correctly and can be submitted before the deadline. Drop in sessions to have this assistance is available at the study Abroad office several times a week.

Katy Chadbond

Placement job title, company name: Student - The Police Academy of The Czech Republic in Prague

During the 12-week placement at the police academy, we attended weekly lectures for our chosen modules. The assessment styles for the modules included group presentations and a written assignment. Studying at the academy also gave us the opportunity to study basic Czech language skills that we would find beneficial throughout our stay.

Studying in Prague helped us to develop a better understanding and appreciation of the different culture, as well as seizing the opportunity to site see around the city and other places within the Czech Republic. During the 12 weeks placement many excursions were organised by the academy which enabled us to do so.

As Prague is the centre of Europe, it also enabled us to see other parts of Europe during our stay. We organised a short stay in Budapest for a weekend where we met up with our fellow students who were studying there at that time. After the 12 week placement, we also had the opportunity to interrail across Europe, and we visited a total of 9 countries.

The best part of the experience I will take away with me is how I’ve enhanced my network. Studying abroad has allowed me to build invaluable relations with people from all over the world. As well as boarding my international connections, I have also built relationships with people that will turn out to be lifelong friends.

By immersing yourself into another culture, you develop valuable life skills needed for personal growth, including independence and adaptability. Studying abroad as undoubtedly enabled me to gain more confidence and improve on certain skills such as: leadership, communications skills and cross culture awareness, all of which are valuable skills important to almost any job – particularly the police.

This time may be the only opportunity you will ever get to travel abroad for a long period of  time. Take this opportunity to travel with no commitments but to study and learn about new cultures, whilst developing yourself personally and professionally.

Study abroad is an experience unlike any other.

27 November 2019