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Katie Plumb

Course: Interior Design

“Parasitic business relations”

Katie worked well with us to migrate her design skills from the automotive industry she knew to create a commercial Interior Design practice here in the northwest. Her early work with a hotel client led her into the realms of business developer, whereby she engaged with the development of her client’s own business models as well as the redesign of their spaces.. Following on from this work Katie explored new business relationships that could be forged between large commercial parties such as supermarkets and some of the smaller products that they sold to the benefit of both. The analogy that was discussed was the bird on a Hippopotamus’’ back. This inventive approach soon gave her new ideas that even led to store layout redesign with “gateways” created that customers migrated through as they went from store zone to zone. This provided many new and ground breaking ideas for new marketing proposals and store reconfiguration.