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Katie Lepic

BA (Hons) Philosophy (2012)

Katie Lepic studied on the UCLan BA (Hons) Philosophy programme from 2009-2012. She graduated with a first-class honours degree, and was also awarded the UCLan Philosophy prize for overall academic achievement.

Katie explains: “Choosing to study for my philosophy degree at UCLan was by far the best decision I have ever made and has changed my life for the better. Not only was the course content absolutely fascinating but it gave me qualities and skills I just didn't have before studying at UCLan.

Studying for a degree helped my personal life by giving me the belief that I can achieve anything if I set my mind to it and am willing to work hard. It has given me the confidence to have faith in my own abilities, proved that I am capable of far more than I previously gave myself credit for and that I can work well out of my comfort zone.

My degree has enabled me to move quickly up the 'career ladder' as my employer recognises that by having a first class honours degree I am able to work at an extremely intense level and deliver results. Within twelve months of joining Lloyds Banking Group I have been accepted into a career development role as an Infrastructure Delivery Coordinator (IDC), which will lead me to become a fully qualified Infrastructure Delivery Manager within the next 18 months."

“Studying philosophy in particular also gave me skills which are immensely valuable in my professional career as my current role is fast paced, challenging and highly demanding. As an IDC it is essential that I use my own initiative, employ my logical skills to resolve numerous complex issues and rationally think through a large variety of challenging situations. It also demands that I manage multiple projects at once, regularly engage multiple stakeholders regarding various different projects and effectively manage my own workload and deadlines.

Studying for my philosophy degree at UCLan has definitely helped me get to where I am today in both my personal and professional life. Not only has it given me the confidence to apply for a role which I previously would not have applied for, but most importantly has given me the skills needed to carry out this role to the highest possible level. I can't recommend UCLan and the Philosophy department highly enough; I would encourage anyone considering a philosophy degree to choose this fantastic university and look forward to all the possibilities studying will open up for them!”