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Joshua Field

(FD) Communities and Social Care: Policy and Practice

As a mature student I was filled with fear at the thought of a degree; something that ties me in for three years and I was not fully sure if this was the subject I wanted to do.

Then I heard about the foundation course which acts as an introduction into the area of subjects that one might be interested in. This course gave me assignments and lectures on topics which quickly helped me cross out some of my previously desired courses. Not only that, but the foundation course brought confidence to me with each assignment.

UCLan was at first a geographical decision, it worked well with living costs and work availability for my wife. However, we could have taken my pass in my foundation course and moved back down south and gone somewhere else but now I am attached to this university and the people who go here and the university's willingness to give me a chance at my dream career.

The course was found in a Google search for mature students, UCLan was one of the first universities to appear and now I know why; UCLan love mature students and mature students love UCLan.

So thanks to the foundation programme in communities and social care I know I want to do an honours degree in social policy and sociology.

Joshua Field

The foundation programme simply highlighted the love I have for humanity and how much more I wanted to understand our actions and help prevent some of society's issues. For me and all the avenues I could have taken, this one stood out to me in the foundation course as one I was best suited for.

I hope to achieve a first in my degree here at UCLan and go on to local government working with schools and programmes that are trying to prevent some of the financial and moral poverty found in today’s society.

To do all this I am sticking with UCLan because I believe they can help me achieve this and more, if we are in it together.