Joseph Oommen Sarath

MBBS Student

"Many factors had influenced me to join UCLan. First and foremost, the early patient contact and clinical placements in the NHS from year 1 seemed interesting. Secondly, as the University encourages students from around the world to enrol for the programme, the multi-cultural learning environment will enable me to interact with a lot of students and learn a lot from them."

"The Westlakes Campus offers an innovative approach for students looking to enrol into med school, as well as students who are interested in other degrees. I also find the staff on campus are helpful, caring, approachable and cordial at all times.

"I have learnt many aspects of life in such a short period of time and to my surprise, I have realised how I have changed as a person, thinking critically which in turn has broadened my ideas. Yet the most important skill that I have gained is time management. I was also involved in a volunteering programme with the motor neuron association, here I was able to learn a lot about people suffering from this illness, their lifestyle and the common struggles they face each day.

"Various experiences throughout my life in the University have moulded my personality both professionally and personally. When I returned home after the final semester, my close friends and family had noticed quite a few positive changes in my personality. This suggested to me that I did in fact change and the experiences I have had whilst studying at UCLan have played a huge role.

"My biggest advice to new students would be to grab all opportunities provided by the University as it will benefit them in many ways, and most importantly join the course with a receptive mind."

04 October 2018