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Joey Saavedra

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BSc (Hons) Exercise, Nutrition and Health and MSc Sport and Exercise Physiology

Joey came to UCLan to study exercise, nutrition and health, as well as a Masters in Sport and Exercise Physiology.

After completing his master’s in 2010, Joey acquired a job at UCLan within the school of Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education, now known as the School of Dentistry. He was employed as a clinical-skills technician, which involved assisting with clinical teaching of post-baccalaureate dentists who were seeking to specialise in certain fields.

Reminiscing about his time at UCLan, Joey said: “Those guys were absolutely fantastic. They inspired me to pursue academia as a vocation and they have continued to play pivotal roles in my post-UCLan endeavours through kind words of advice and, of course, letters of recommendation”.

Looking for experience more closely linked to his field of study, Joey moved to Fort Worth in Texas and undertook an unpaid internship at Texas Christian University. In this internship he worked in the strength and conditioning department shadowing and assisting the strength coaches, in order to improve the physical performance qualities of the top athletes at the University. When talking about the internship, he said: “The internship positions were highly competitive but my experiences at UCLan certainly set me apart from the other applicants that semester”.

Upon completing the internship Joey enrolled on another masters course, this time at the University of Texas. This helped him to expand his knowledge and understanding of the various concepts and theories of exercise physiology. When talking about how he got onto the course, he explained: “Again, my acceptance onto this programme was aided massively by the skills and experiences I had acquired at UCLan. Indeed, both my lecturers and my fellow students were all too keen to hear of how things differed in England”.

Joey is now in Texas in his second year as a lecturer of exercise at ‘Our Lady of the Lake University’ in San Antonio where he teaches undergraduate courses in exercise physiology, motor development, biomechanics and physical aging, to name a few.

Joey is planning on pursuing a PhD at some point in the future however, at the moment he is “concentrating on developing and perfecting my higher education teaching skills, in the knowledge that my role as a future doctoral student will benefit from my present experience as an undergraduate lecturer”.

Reflecting on his time at UCLan, Joey said: “I completed both my Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees at UCLan; they were the best four years of my life”.