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Joanne Romasanta

Pre-registration Nursing (Mental Health)

Joanne followed her husband’s footsteps into nursing when she qualified in Pre-registration Mental Health Nursing. She now works as a Team Leader in mental health at Kemple View in Blackburn. “I found the Diploma course really interesting with a good mix of theory and practice. And in addition to work placements within mental health settings I was given opportunities to work in other areas such as midwifery and surgery. Going back to study full-time is never easy, particularly if you have family commitments. I had two daughters to look after but the UCLan lecturers were extremely understanding and supportive. A personal tutor was supplied to every student and extra tutorials were laid on if you needed additional help.”

Since graduating, Joanne has seen a whole range of opportunities and responsibilities open up for her and works with people aged between 16 and 65 with a wide range of mental health problems. In her current role as a Team Leader Joanne’s role involves staff development, appraisals, maintaining clinical practice and clinical supervision. “It’s a rewarding job with plenty of variety and prospects. In recent years there has been a significant shift in patient care from hospitals to community settings and in the future I may take advantage of this trend to work in people’s homes or in smaller residential units. Wherever you work as a mental health nurse, the motivation is always the same; to help people of all ages to recover a better quality of life. If you help someone to achieve that, then it’s a great feeling.”

Joanne Romasanta